Barn Décor for Rent

We have over 3,000 individual items available for you to rent, such as table decorations, candle holders, flameless candles, elegant and rustic tables, spools, crates, chalk boards, old doors, signs, easels, ladders, pillars, whiskey barrels, arbors, serving pieces, coffee, hot chocolate and apple cider urns, charger plates, pipe and drape for fabric panels, floral walls and much more. Many couples like to rent from us since it is a much less expensive option as comparted to purchasing every item at full price. They also like at the end of the night; we pick up all of the rental items.

There are also 300 Free items for you to use that are shown in the décor folder. A complete picture list of all of the rental items and their cost are on our Facebook page under Photos and in the Barn Décor For Rent folder.